Choo Choo!

When the sun shines you have to seize it! That’s how I feel now that winter is setting in.

So we did seize our sunny Sunday and made our way to Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve one of my favourite places on the planet. Every season it takes on different colours and every season it takes my breath away.

Feeling particularly lazy we soon swapped our country walk for the adorable Noddy train! Isaac loves trains so we bought some local gingerbread & honey ice-cream before climbing on board.


I’ve walked it many a time but there was something quite magical about travelling by train.


Jumper & hat handmade by his Ouma.


The train stopped at Mudeford Spit, a little beach hut village with the sea on either side. Don’t be fooled these are no humble beach huts! In July one of them went on the market for £200,000! Huts aside there is also The Beach Hut Café and an assortment of lovely boats. David and I have dreamt of owning our own boat for years.


The café was buzzing so we wandered through the huts to a quiet stretch of beach on the other side.


David wrote Isaac’s name in the sand and we watched a sailboat in the sun before heading home.


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