What better way to appreciate autumn than to visit my sister Eliza on her farm in Sussex.

Travelling with a tot requires so much extra luggage! This time however I had a trick up my sleeve… Instead of loading our cumbersome high chair into the boot I had invested in a baby on the go booster seat. What a wonderful investment at only £9.31. I now use it every day and there is no going back.

If motherhood has taught me anything it is to have a few of these tricks up your sleeve. Travelling with a little one can be stressful… it can ruin the sleep routine you’ve established, make nap time difficult etc. For my second trick I planned to put his cot in a different room from us so not to disrupt his sleep (or ours for that matter!).

Sure enough we set up the cot in the bathroom next to our room and it worked a treat. We use a Red Kite travel cot in black. Travel cots are notoriously tricky but once we’d learnt the knack this one has served us well.

Before going away for the weekend I bought Isaac a pair of Wellipets Frog Boots. I’ve loved these boots since my sister had a pair in the 80’s! Isaac wants to wear them all the time and LOVED putting them to use in a puddle.


Monsoon duffle coat, Asda hat, Wellipet boots.

What a beautiful few days spent walking in the country, sitting by the fire, eating homemade focaccia and drinking wine. We also experimented with apple & gin granita which was not a success but had us all in stitches.



Isaac got to spend quality time with his cousin cub Rufus who is 9 months old.  Another highlight for him was definitely riding in his uncle’s tractor. He squealed “Tractor!” at least a hundred times driving back to Dorset.
We came away with a few treats from the farm.
Farewell autumn!